MIPS Payment Adjustment

Targeted Review of MIPS 2018 Feedback Reports

The moment of truth is here. The Performance Feedback Reports for MIPS 2018 became available earlier in July. In this blog, we will focus on the things you need to know to timely review your feedback report and request a Targeted Review in case you find a discrepancy in the report.

MIPS 2017 Incentives : OMG! CMS Analysis Was Spot On

In our last blog, we had discussed about the MIPS 2017 performance feedback reports that became available on June 29, 2018. These reports provide the final MIPS score and the corresponding final payment adjustment that will be applied to 2019 Part B payments. For most people, the final scores were what they expected. However, many are crying foul over the payment adjustments.

The Price and Cost of MIPS Submission

I am often asked how does MyMipsScore differ from the many “submission” options available in the market. A demo of our solution usually answers that question satisfactorily. But how do you compare yourself with a free option provided by the government? I am going to address that elephant in the room today…..