Maximize MIPS Score with Ease 

MyMipsScore™ is designed to import, analyze, and submit MIPS data while providing actionable insights to maximize MIPS score. 


MyMipsScore guides you step-by-step through all the performance categories to arrive at the Composite Performance Score (CPS) or MIPS score

Step-by-Step Guidance

Navigate all the performance categories one step at a time and understand how each category is scored. Take right action at the right time to maximize your Composite Performance Score (MIPS Score) for your practice.



Actionable Insights

Visualize how the bonus points and the performance rate influence the points earned for MIPS measures. Determine the best submission method, the best measures to report, the ideal performance rate, and whether to submit as a group or as individuals to maximize the MIPS payment adjustment.



MyMipsScore keeps up with CMS updates and the evolving MACRA legislation that affect the MIPS track of the Quality Payment Program (QPP) to provide you with the most realistic MIPS score estimates.

Timely Updates

Access up-to-date information. We constantly update the measures, benchmarks, and the MIPS Learning Center with the latest CMS interpretation of the MACRA/MIPS regulations that continue to evolve to give you the most realistic MIPS score estimate. 


MymipsScore supports submission of MIPS data to CMS via EHR and Registry methods.

MIPS Submissions

Submit MIPS data to CMS via EHR and Registry methods. Our 2019 Qualified Registry supports all the measures for Quality, PI, and IA categories. MyMipsScore is also 2015 ONC HIT Certified for all eCQMs available via EHRs.



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