The most dynamic tool for MACRA/MIPS strategic planning from the recognized experts.

MyMipsScore™ is designed to import, analyze, and report data while providing actionable information to achieve higher MIPS scores. 


MyMipsScore guides you step-by-step through all the performance categories to arrive at the Composite Performance Score (CPS) or MIPS score

Step-by-Step Guidance

We guide you through all  the performance categories one step at a time, while providing education and resources to help you achieve the highest possible Composite Performance Score (MIPS Score) for your practice.

MyMipsScore allows you to track every change in measures and performance and their impact on your MIPS score continuously. It also offers predictive analytics to help you determine the measures that will yield the best result for your efforts. 

Constant Score Tracking

Tools to visualize the impact of every measure on the performance category scores as well as the MIPS score simultaneously, so you can make necessary adjustments well in time. 

MyMipsScore keeps up with CMS updates and the evolving MACRA legislation pertaining to the Quality Payment Program (QPP), so you can get the most realistic score estimates. 

Timely UpdateS 

We keep track of the measures, benchmarks, performance thresholds, and any other changes that impact your MIPS score, and regularly update them to give you the most realistic score estimate. 



Andy Slavitt, the former CMS acting administrator said the following when referring to the MyMipsScore App: " This is great. The work of third parties will let doctors be doctors." 

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