2019 Qualified Registry & QCDR

MyMipsScore is a Qualified Registry and a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) for 2019.


Supports Three Performance Categories 
Quality, PI, and IA 


Supports All Quality Measures 
Registry measures (MIPS-CQMS) and eCQMs


Enables End-to-End Reporting 
Earn the CEHRT bonus for quality measures 

Why is End-to-End Reporting Important? 

One bonus point can be earned for capturing the data for each Quality measure in a certified EHR and reporting it electronically without any manual intervention. This bonus is called CEHRT bonus or End-to-End Reporting Bonus and amounts to up to 10% of the Quality score (6 points for 6 measures). 

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Make Informed Decisions

The decision to pick a submission method and measures must not be made without comparing and contrasting the submission methods and measures available which can have a huge impact on your MIPS score.

Although MyMipsScore supports submission of MIPS data to CMS via both the Registry and EHR submission methods, we encourage you to evaluate both the submission options before finalizing the submission method that you will use. 

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