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MIPS Score Simulator™

Simulate quality improvement scenarios for all 271 MIPS Quality measures and analyze the financial impact of the changes in real-time.

How MIPS Score Simulator Works?


How Does MIPS Score Simulator Help?


determining Ideal Performance Rate

The MIPS Score Simulator has all the MACRA rules built in. Once a performance rate is entered, the simulator performs rapid analysis with all the available data to provide the impact on MIPS score and the changes in the estimated payment adjustments. By utilizing this feature, practices can determine their target performance rate required to maximize their score and payment adjustments. 

Submission method comparison

The simulator can analyze all 271 MIPS quality measures against the EHR, Registry, and Claims submission methods benchmarks in parallel to help providers identify the best quality measures and submission method for them.  

Group Vs. Individual Reporting

The simulator helps practices to decide whether they should report as a group or as individuals based on the financial impact of both the options. 


How Does MIPS Score Simulator Work?

The basis of estimated payment adjustment calculations utilized by the simulator is explained in detail under MIPS Calculator.