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Hacking MIPS 2017: Advanced Strategies for Boosting MIPS Scores

Join our round-table of experts as they reveal little known aspects of the MACRA/MIPS rule that can lead to higher MIPS scores.

We will discuss:

  • Beyond Medicare Part B reimbursement: The collateral importance of the MIPS score
  • Avoiding MIPS misinformation
  • The importance of data analysis and MIPS compliance technology
  • Specific strategies leading to higher MIPS scores
  • Impact of Group vs. Individual Reporting on MIPS score
  • Submission Methods and how they influence MIPS score.


  • Jim Tate, Director of Compliance, MyMipsScore
  • Wayne Singer, Director of Technology, MyMipsScore
  • Dr. Pawan Jindal, Founder & President, MyMipsScore