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Together, we stand by our Partners to not only help them grow their business, but also to help them earn maximum incentive for their clients.


Irrespective of whether you are an independent MACRA/MIPS consultant or a big healthcare consulting organization, you can benefit from analytical capabilities of MyMipsScore

Make MIPS Training Easier - Utilize MyMipsScore App to help your clients understand the basics of MIPS and make your training instantly actionable.

Visual MIPS Analysis - Offer a simple, easy-to-understand MIPS solution to your clients.

Play on Your Strengths - We provide you with app that has the latest rules and logic, training support you need, report building tools, so you can efficiently use your time to help more clients.

Manage Multiple Clients with Ease - Manage MIPS data and monitor MIPS score for your multiple clients simultaneously



Plug and Play MIPS Solution - Leverage an out-of-the-box MIPS Solution, rather than building it from scratch.

Automatic Updates - App gets automatically updated with the latest CMS rules and regulations, so your clients always get most accurate score estimates.

Go Mobile -  Our white-label option can serve as a mobile extension of your brand on Windows, Android and iOS platforms very quickly.

Custom Features  - Custom MIPS reports, features, and Data integration available as per your requirements.

Custom Training - Offer training specific to your clients' specialty and requirements.

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