MyMipsScore Announces Patent Pending MIPS Score Simulator™ Feature For its MIPS Calculator App

The MIPS Score Simulator allows healthcare providers and organizations to simulate quality improvement scenarios for all 271 MIPS Quality measures and analyze their financial impact in real-time.

Chesterfield, MO (PRWEB) July 27, 2017

MyMipsScore announced today the launch of its patent pending MIPS Score Simulator to help providers understand and improve their MIPS scores. The simulator does this by allowing providers to analyze the impact of any change in a clinical quality measure performance rate through an intuitive interface. Providers can enter a target performance rate for any quality measure to run a “simulation”. The simulator rapidly performs analysis across all MACRA rules with all available data, and provides a detailed report, including any changes in the estimated payment adjustments. The simulator can analyze all 271 quality measures for MIPS against the EHR, Registry, and Claims submission methods in parallel.

“We received a lot of feedback from our MyMipsScore app users that providers don’t want to know about benchmarking or topped-out measures or other complicated MIPS concepts. They just want to know their score and how to improve it. Therefore, we have added the simulation functionality to map any change in performance rate to impact on the MIPS payment adjustments with a single click.” says Dr. Pawan Jindal, Founder of MyMipsScore.

The MIPS Score Simulator is available as part of the MyMipsScore’s MIPS Calculator App. The App is a unique tool designed to help providers understand, calculate, analyze and maximize their MIPS score. It is the only tool in the market today that can analyze all 271 quality measures across all benchmarks and compute estimated payment adjustments for both individual and group submission in real-time. MyMipsScore also allows for the easy incorporation of ACI and IA performance scores. MyMipsScore supports multiple data integration methods including QRDA, C-CDA, CSV files, Electronic Claims, as well as FHIR based APIs to simplify data import from EHRs and other data sources.

A key to success under the MIPS program is to understand the difference between “Clinically Relevant” and “MIPS Friendly” quality measures. MIPS Score Simulator helps with that.

“MACRA is a major shift from all previous quality improvement programs. A key to success under the MIPS program is to understand the difference between “Clinically Relevant” and “MIPS Friendly” quality measures. MyMipsScore’s MIPS Score Simulator provides the guidance to identify the difference and aids in decision making. It will also enable EHR vendors to support their users with seamless MIPS compliance technology” says Jim Tate, President of EMR Advocate and a Consulting Partner for MyMipsScore MIPS100™ program.

A demo of the MIPS Score Simulator is available on the MyMipsScore website. A free trial of the app is being offered for a limited time to all MIPS eligible providers. Providers can check their MIPS score and run simulation scenarios as part of the trial. Learn more about the Free Trial

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