MyMipsScore™ Launches Integration Program for EHR Vendors To Support All MIPS Quality Measures

The program will allow EHR vendors to offer 2015 Edition certified quality modules to providers to help them maximize their MIPS score in 2017.


We want to provide a solution to our EHR partners that is not just certified but actually helps providers improve the quality of patient care while maximizing their MIPS score
— Dr. Pawan Jindal, Founder, MyMIpsScore

MyMipsScore™ in collaboration with EMR Advocate Inc. announced the MIPS100™ Certified Vendor program for EHR vendors today. MyMipsScore™ offers a unique software tool designed to understand, calculate, analyze and maximize MIPS score. Last week, MyMipsScore announced an unprecedented guarantee program called MIPS100™ for all 2017 MIPS eligible clinicians. Providers participating in the MIPS100 program will have exclusive access to all features of the acclaimed MyMipsScore™ tool, and will receive expert reviews and guidance till the end of the year, to maximize their MIPS score. MIPS100 Certified Vendor program enhances the MIPS100 offering. EHR vendors participating in the MIPS100 Certified Vendor program will have exclusive access to resources and guidance from MyMipsScore and EMR Advocate to integrate their EHR with MyMipsScore. MyMipsScore will provide 2015 Edition certified quality modules to the EHR vendors for no cost in 2017 as a part of the program.

“The only risk to the success of our MIPS100 program is data integration. By providing Certified EHR Technology for free, our EHR partners would be able to focus their efforts on improving the EHR workflow for their providers while we take care of meeting the certification and MIPS requirements. This will also ensure that all our MIPS100 participants are eligible for end-to-end reporting bonus that is a critical component of the program,” says Jim Tate, President of EMR Advocate and partner for MIPS100 program. EMR Advocate has worked with more than 300 EHRs on certification initiatives and supported over 200 hospitals and providers on their meaningful use audits and appeals.

MyMipsScore already supports multiple data integration methods including QRDA, C-CDA, Electronic Claims, as well as FHIR based APIs for reporting all the 271 MIPS measures through MyMipsScore. MyMipsScore will work with the participating vendors over the next few weeks to validate these integration methods with multiple EHRs as well as collect feedback to improve workflow for end users. MyMipsScore also provides a free MIPS Calculator for providers to estimate their bonus amounts under the MIPS program.

“We want to provide a solution to our EHR partners that is not just certified, but actually helps providers improve the quality of patient care while maximizing their MIPS score. Most providers are already doing what is required for quality measures, but it is not being captured properly in the EHR. By collaborating with EHR vendors and providers, we will be able to fix most of these workflow issues at the point of care. We are going after every possible point to meet our MIPS100 Guarantee,” says Dr. Pawan Jindal, Founder of MyMipsScore.

You can read details about the MIPS100 Certified Vendor program at

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