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MIPS Boot Camp™

An educational training session focused on strategies to maximize your MIPS score.

These 90 minutes will provide you with a working knowledge of the MIPS program, details of the different performance categories, advice on the selection of the most relevant measures, and a demonstration of calculating your MIPS score with the acclaimed MyMipsScore™ app.

(FREE one month subscription to Premium MyMipsScore™ app included) 


Join us on Wednesday March 22, 2017  from 12:00 - 1:30 pm EST



Wayne Singer and Jim Tate are acknowledged leaders in the field of Health Information Technology, Meaningful Use, PQRS, MACRA/MIPS, and CMS regulatory compliance and reimbursement. For over 10 years they have provided education and guidance to thousands of providers, associations, administrators, consultants, and heath care developers. They have led over 200 successful ONC certification initiatives, responded to over 150 MU audits, and authored the first MU manual - The Incentive Road Map.

      Wayne Singer

      Wayne Singer

           Jim Tate

           Jim Tate


Providers, Consultants, Practice Managers/Administrators, EHR Vendors, and anyone else who needs to understand the MACRA/MIPS program.


This 90 minute live broadcast will provide a comprehensive review of what you need to know about the most significant Medicare Part B reimbursement change in a generation. This Boot Camp will cover: 

  • MIPS 101 - MIPS scoring protocols and timelines for 2017 and beyond
  • Importance of the Composite Performance Score (CPS) - your MIPS score will impact more than your reimbursement and why you need to consider a more holistic picture of your score
  • The Four Performance Categories - unique components of Quality, ACI, IA, and Cost 
  • 2017: The Three Options - the pros and cons of the three pick-your-pace options available to MIPS eligible clinicians
  • MIPS for Specialists - factors to keep in mind in light of your specialties to achieve the highest possible MIPS score
  • Calculate Your MIPS Score - step-by-step training in the calculation of MIPS Score using the MyMipsScore™ app

All attendees will receive a FREE one month subscription to fully featured Premium MyMipsScore™ app.