MIPS100™ Guarantee Program

Step-by-step Guidance and Tools to Help You Understand and Maximize Your MIPS Score 


1. What is the MIPS100 program?

Learn about MyMipsscore's MIPS100 Guarantee Program

All MIPS100 participants get exclusive access to the revolutionary MyMipsScore™ tool to manage their MIPS score throughout the 2017 MIPS reporting period. The program also involves live, interactive web-based group training sessions led by the same team that built MyMipsScore tool. Web sessions are broken into multiple learning tracks to cover a variety of focus areas for different organizations. MIPS100 program  also includes access to a discussion forum managed by the MyMipsScore team to discuss issues and questions.

Are you a Consultant or an EHR Vendor?  You might be interested in our MIPS100 Certified Vendor program.  Learn More

We found that the providers’ biggest resistance to involvement in MIPS is, “Is the bonus or the penalty going to be worth the money I spend on a MIPS solution?” We are taking that dilemma off the table by offering an unprecedented guarantee in the industry. If you don’t get a MIPS score of 100 in 2017 and become eligible for bonus, you will not have to pay a penny. It is as simple as that.
— Dr. Pawan Jindal, Founder, MyMipsScore


2. Who is eligible?

Learn about the eligibility requirements of the MIPS100 Guarantee Program

Any organization with one or more providers eligible for MIPS is eligible for MIPS100. You also have to meet the following requirements:

  • Designate a person in your organization dedicated to MIPS who will attend all the required sessions.
  • Register and attend one live orientation session between July 11th and July 31st.

3. What are other requirements?

There are some additional requirements to participate in the MIPS100 program.

To stay in the program, participants will need to: 

  • Have access to a Microsoft Windows 10 device to use the MyMipsScore app.
  • Attend all the required web sessions during the reporting year.
  • Keep the data updated in MyMipsScore. MyMipsScore will provide detailed analysis of your MIPS Score on an ongoing basis to enable you to make timely adjustments to stay on course.
* If you are using a Certified EHR technology, you should be able to import data directly from your EHR.


4. How much does it cost?

Learn about the cost of MIPS100 program

There is no cost to join the program. No credit card is required. If you meet the eligibility requirements defined above, you can register for one of the kickoff sessions for free. After attending the kickoff session, you can decide if you want to join the program.

MyMipsScore will regularly monitor your MIPS Score. If you achieve a MIPS score of 100 anytime during or after the 2017 reporting period, MyMipsScore will work with you to submit your data to CMS. After confirmation from CMS of the score, MyMipsScore will invoice you $450 for each provider who achieved a MIPS score of 100.


5. Is it free to join for a limited time?

MyMipsScore's MIPS100 Guarantee Program is free only for a limited time

Yes, the program is free to join for a limited time. We may start charging a fee to join the program in near future.



6. This seems too good to be true. What's the catch?

There is no magic behind MIPS100 program, join us for a webinar and find out. 

There is no catch. There is a lot of misinformation about MIPS and avoiding the penalty has been the focus. We understand that it will not be possible for everyone to achieve a MIPS score of 100. However, we also firmly believe that a lot of people who should be able to achieve a 100 will not even try. We are confident that with our software and training, we would be able to help many providers earn a MIPS score of 100.


7. I want to use the MyMipsScore software and tools outside the guarantee program. Are there any other pricing options available?

There are multiple options for MIPS100 program. For additional options contact us. 

Yes, we have additional options available including group discounts. Please contact us at info@mymipscore.com for further details. 



There's More to MIPS100 Program Than Just MIPS Score

We have only revealed part of our road map. Rest assured that there is much more on the way. The goal of the MIPS100 program is to equip you with all the right tools to help you maximize your MIPS score. Although it may seem that the target is just the MIPS score, but actually it is figuring out how you can deliver a higher quality care more efficiently and be rewarded for your efforts. We want you to do it the right way so you can keep reaping the benefits of the time and effort you invest in 2017.


We are committed to making MIPS100 program a success for you. 


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