MIPS100™ Certified Vendor Program

Integration program for EHRs to support reporting of all 271 MIPS quality measures to help providers maximize their MIPS score

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What is MIPS100™?

Understand what is MIPS100 program

MIPS100 program is designed to help providers understand, calculate, analyze and maximize their MIPS score. The unique feature of MIPS100 program is the guarantee to succeed behind it. Read more about the program and guarantee here.


What is the MIPS100 Certified Vendor program?

Learn the benefits  of MyMipsScore's MIPS100 Certified Vendor program.

EHR vendors participating in the MIPS100 Certified Vendor program will have exclusive access to resources and guidance from MyMipsScore and EMR Advocate to integrate their EHR with MyMipsScore. MyMipsScore supports multiple data integration methods including QRDA, C-CDA, Electronic Claims, as well as FHIR based APIs for reporting all the 271 MIPS measures through MyMipsScore. MyMipsScore will work with the participating vendors to validate these integration methods with their EHRs as well as collect feedback to improve workflow for end users. MyMipsScore will also conduct educational web sessions for EHR vendors that will include the following topics and more:

  • Overview of C1, C2, C3, C4 and G7, G8, G9 certification and how it relates to MIPS
  • Building a MIPS ready FHIR implementation. Read more about our approach to FHIR
  • Importing ACI data for CPS calculation
  • Automating the import and calculations of non eCQM measures to maximize score for registry measures

MyMipsScore will be certifying for 2015 Edition quality modules (C1 - C4) in August. All EHRs participating in MIPS100 Certified Vendor Program would be able to offer this as a stand alone module to their clients to help them maximize their MIPS score. 


Who is eligible?

Find out the eligibility criteria to participate in MIPS100 Vendor Certified Program

Eligibility requirements for MyMipsScore Certified Vendor are as follows:

  • Your EHR offering must be 2014 or 2015 Edition certified.
  • You may not offer a product that is a direct competitor of MyMipsScore.
  • You must have 10 or more MIPS Eligible providers using your EHR enrolled in the MIPS100 program.


How much does it cost?

Find out the costs related to MIPS100 Certified Vendor Program 

MyMipsScore will stay updated with any changes to MIPS or Quality Modules related certification requirements. MIPS100 Certified Vendor Program participants may be required to pay an annual maintenance fee as described below.  


MIPS Reporting Year 2017


The annual fee for this year will be waived if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You are already certified for 2015 Edition C1 - C4 modules
  • 100 or more MIPS eligible clinicians using your EHR are enrolled in the MIPS100 program

MIPS Reporting Year 2018


The annual fee for this year will waived if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You are already certified for 2015 Edition C1 - C4 modules
  • You paid $15,000 annual fee in MIPS Reporting year 2017
The only risk to the success of our MIPS100 program is data integration. By providing Certified EHR Technology for free, our EHR partners would be able to focus their efforts on improving the EHR workflow for their providers while we take care of meeting the certification and MIPS requirements. This will also ensure that all our MIPS100 participants are eligible for end-to-end reporting bonus which is a critical component of the program.
— Jim Tate

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