MIPS100 Program

When it comes to a MIPS solution, there is no one size fits all. The solution you choose depends on your goals.


What is your MIPS goal?


Avoid Penalty?

If your MIPS goal for 2017 is just to avoid the penalty, you can follow the American Medical Association (AMA) directions for One Patient, One measure, No Penalty. 

Earn a Bonus?


If you are not sure about the financial implications of MIPS, you can learn how the payment adjustment are calculated on our MIPS Calculator page.

Reputation Concern?

MIPS score can have more than just a financial impact on you and your practice. Learn more about how MIPS score can have a reputation impact for years to come.

MyMipsScore MIPS100™ Program

Unlike most MIPS solutions in the market, we do NOT offer different MIPS packages based on MIPS categories and features. We provide a single MIPS100 program that is designed to provide you with all the tools and guidance to help you achieve a MIPS score of 100. MIPS100 includes access to all measures, for all performance categories and submission methods.

Organizations can take one of the following as the first step towards implementing a MIPS100 program in their organization.

MIPS100 Roadmap Session

Aimed at helping organizations understand their current MIPS status and determine their MIPS goals and strategy

MIPS100 Plus Subscription

Provides tools for analyzing and monitoring MIPS strategy throughout the reporting year  

MIPS100 Roadmap Session

MIPS100 Roadmap Session is a tactical engagement to implement a fully functional instance of MyMipsScore and utilize real data for the purpose of determining the current MIPS status of the organization and determine a strategy for maximizing it.


MIPS100 Roadmap Session Structure

MIPS100 Roadmap starts with a preliminary meeting to define the scope and data requirements. During this meeting, a MIPS100 Certified Consultant works with the client to collect a snapshot of client's data for the Roadmap session. The data is loaded into the instance prior to the Roadmap Session.

The Roadmap session begins with an overview of MIPS to ensure that all participants have a basic understanding of MIPS. The conversation quickly turns to analyzing the organization's data. The analysis includes but is not limited to:

  • Review of MIPS score based on the data snapshot
  • Estimated payment adjustments for 2019 based on calculated MIPS score
  • Review of currently selected quality measures
  • Comparison of individual and group scores
  • Analysis of ACI data
  • Review of Improvement Activities

The final segment of the Roadmap Session is spent on developing a strategy for maximizing the MIPS score using MyMipsScore's patent pending MIPS Score Simulator™. While most of this session is spent on analyzing quality measures, it is not uncommon to include ACI analysis for large groups. The goal is to identify multiple scenarios for the organization to achieve a MIPS score of 100.



A functional instance of MyMipsScore, loaded with the client's data is used during the Roadmap Session. At the end of the session, the client is presented with a MIPS100 Summary Document which summarizes the information reviewed during the session. Contact us to receive a sample MIPS100 Summary Document. 


Why choose to do a MIPS100 Roadmap session?

We have found that organizations realize value in terms of cost and time savings in many tangible and intangible ways by utilizing this approach rather than jumping head-long into a project. The process of getting all the stakeholders together on the decision-making table not only helps clarify the processes and the goals, but helps answer the most important question , “Why are we doing this?” which leads to a common version of the truth across the organization. This is vital for a value-based-care initiative like MIPS. The summary document acts as a time and cost planning tool for feasibility as well as serves as a jump-start into the functional and technical specification documents that will be required later on.


Contact us today to schedule your MIPS100 Roadmap Session.

MIPS100 Plus Subscription

While the Roadmap Session provides a snapshot of the organization's MIPS status at a particular point of time and helps determine a strategy, MIPS100 Plus Subscription helps to implement and monitor the strategy all the way to submission of MIPS data. Most organizations will require a Roadmap Session but some might jump straight into the MIPS100 Plus Subscription if they already have a strategic direction in mind, or have some maturity in MIPS implementation and are just looking for a tactical partner to help them implement their vision.


MIPS100 Plus subscription deliverables

MIPS100 Plus Subscription provides ongoing education, guidance, and project management for the entire reporting year to implement and monitor the progress towards MIPS goals. This includes:

  • Establish base-line data for each eligible clinician and the organization as a whole.
  • Implement and monitor workflow changes determined based on the findings of the Roadmap Session.
  • Implement a process to import data from EHR into MyMipsScore. The frequency of data import can vary from being a real-time integration with the EHR, to once every few weeks. (The frequency of data import is determined during the Roadmap Session but can be adjusted later.)
  • Determination of the best 90 day reporting period.
  • Regular review meetings to monitor the progress towards the established goals.
  • Run “what-if” simulations with MIPS Score Simulator during review meetings to ascertain workflow modifications to stay on track.
  • Generate detailed reports during review meetings at provider and practice level for building the “Book of Evidence” to protect against audits.
  • Ongoing data validation with CMS.
  • Provide support for submission of data to CMS at the end of the reporting year.


MIPS100 Plus Subscription Pricing

MIPS100 Plus Subscription pricing is based on the organization's goals and the related support requirements determined during the Roadmap Session. Your MIPS100 Certified Consultant will work with you to provide you a quote BEFORE the engagement begins. 

Interested in becoming a MIPS100 Certified Consultant Partner?