5 Tips for Taming the MACRA Seas

The sailing season is upon us. MACRA came into effect on Jan 1st 2017, and in the blink of an eye, we are in the second quarter already. It's high time that you unmoor your MIPS boat and go sailing if you intend to conquer MACRA waters. You might've been a seasoned sailor in the world of volume based care, but the uncharted waters of value based care might feel daunting. Don’t you worry landlubbers. We have got some great beginner sailing tips for you.

1. Pick a day with favorable weather. We already are in Q2 2017. You wouldn’t find sea any calmer or winds any lighter. The sooner you begin your MIPS journey, the more time you will have for course corrections. Set sail now! 

5 Tips for Taming the MACRA Seas- because Navigating MIPS is just like sailing. It needs regular adjustments.

2. Carry your compass. Having the right equipment always helps with smooth sailing, but having a compass is vital. You need to know where you are so you can adjust sails accordingly. Measure, assess and strategize regularly.  

3. Watch out for the boom. If you are not careful in picking the right submission method, you might get hit in the head with a lower MIPS score than you deserve. The only way to know which submission method will work out best for you is by beginning now. Test out different submission methods. Determine the direction in which your MIPS score tends to lean based on increase or decrease in performance for all measures for the chosen submission method. 

4. Take an expert along. For sailing the MACRA seas, the importance of having an experienced mariner on your MIPS voyage can't be emphasized enough. Without an experienced guide, you might not just get off-course, your boat might sink. A lot is at risk here. Not just the payment adjustments, but your reputation too. Take navigation advice from a consultant who can guide you even through difficult waters. 

5. Do your homework before you set sail. Just like for any voyage, go prepared. Understand the basic concepts that you will need throughout your MIPS journey. Set yourself up for success.

Go with confidence and conquer the MACRA waters. Bon Voyage!

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