CMS Launches Real-Time Submission For MIPS

When CMS launched the QPP website, everyone was amazed. The modern look and feel combined with the simplicity made it so easy to find information about MIPS. If you thought it couldn't get better, you were wrong. CMS just launched a new "Submission Tool" (aka Submission API) that raises the bar to a whole new level. We believe this is a start of a new era of reporting and attestations. 

What’s the big deal?

Instant feedback on the accuracy and validity of your data

CMS Launches Real-Time Submission For MIPS - explains why the new CMS Submission API makes for such a big good news and how MyMipsScore will have this functionality available in the MyMipsScore app. 

Remember those days, when you found out that that you were going to be penalized for an entire year because your eRx codes or PQRS codes didn't get submitted correctly 2 years later? Yes, there was nothing you could do about it. The days of lingering fear and uncertainty when you didn’t know whether you earned a reward or a penalty until it was too late, are gone. With the new Submission Tool, you will get feedback on the data that you submit in real-time. What is real-time? Instantaneous - You click a button and you get a response. CMS describes it on their website as - 

"Much like a good conversation, this response includes a restatement of what we said, plus additional input from CMS's understanding to make sure we're both on the same page."

Greater submission flexibility

In addition to the real-time validation, the new Submissions Tool allows a lot of flexibility to submit data as a single file or as a set of smaller files throughout the reporting period. This includes updating as well as deleting of data all throughout the reporting period. This is a lot different than the days when we had to think multiple times before we clicked the "Submit" button. 

Real-Time Scoring

Submissions API wouldn't just allow you to submit data but will also provide you your MIPS Score in......(drum-roll please)..... Real-Time. There is a lot at stake for all providers with MIPS score as it will be shared publicly. It is not just about the monetary implications, but your reputation is at stake too. CMS understands this and has provided the infrastructure to help providers mange the MIPS score all year round. You would no longer need to wait till the end of the reporting period, or guesstimate your MIPS score. You can submit the data, validate it, and check your score whenever you want, as many times as you want. No muss, no fuss.

When will this tool be available?

According to CMS website, the final Submissions API will be ready for use in June, 2017. An initial version was recently made available to vendors to start testing. The current release allows real time submission and scoring of the ACI and Improvement Activity categories. Quality category submission is still under development.

Do you want to see your MIPS score NOW?

Our team at MyMipsScore strongly believe that the Submission Tool is a game changer. We have been actively following all the development updates from CMS. We are really pleased to announce that we have successfully tested MyMipsScore integration with the current released version of the Submission Tool and are able to submit ACI and Improvement Activities data in real time from MyMipsScore. In addition to the ACI and Improvement Activities category, MyMipsScore has a rules engine that includes all the latest benchmarks from CMS to allow you to analyze and calculate your Quality score. With MyMipsScore, you can view and validate your MIPS score.  


Learn how MyMipsScore can make MIPS easy for your practice.

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