Azure Cosmos DB & HL7® FHIR® - A Match Made in Heaven?

The key differentiator of FHIR from any previous standards used in the healthcare is the portability of FHIR “resources”. This granular approach to storing and consuming healthcare data opens up many more new opportunities as compared to the traditional document-based methods. However, this approach also presents some challenges. Can Azure Cosmos DB be the perfect solution to those challenges? 

MIPS 2018: Eligibility, Payment Adjustments, and Key Changes

The MACRA 2018 Final Rule for year-two of Quality Payment Program was released recently. Let us reiterate the eligibility criteria, go through some new bonus opportunities, exception criteria, and take a look at how the changes in Performance Thresholds impact the payment adjustments in 2020 based on  performance in 2018.  

MIPS Score Portability and the Ancient Wisdom

“As you sow, so shall you reap” is an adage we are all familiar with. This ancient wisdom holds true for MIPS too. Your MIPS performance in 2017 will determine the payment adjustments in 2019. Furthermore, your MIPS score will be linked to your NPI even if you change groups or switch your reporting preferences.

MIPS 2018 Quality Performance Improvement Scoring: 10 Things You Need to Know

“Scoring Improvement” bonus points for the Quality and the Cost categories are bonus points available in 2018 for demonstrating improvement in 2018 as compared to 2017 scores. As 2017 is the first year for MIPS, 2018 will be the first year where these bonus points will be available. Here are 10 things that you need to know about scoring improvement bonus point in the quality category.

MIPS Cost Category: OLD is the new NEW

Last week, CMS finalized the Quality Payment Program Rule for performance year 2018.  One of the key takeaways is that the Cost performance category would have a 10% weightage in calculation of the final MIPS score in 2018. Here are the seven things you need to know to prepare for the Cost category for 2018.

MIPS 2018: The Die is Cast on Part-B Drugs

The release of the relevant Final Rule for 2018 last week brought disappointment to those hoping that Part B drugs would be excluded from the MIPS reimbursement and eligibility formulas. For those providers that will be affected things just got very real. ECs with a large amount of Part B drug participation need to quickly develop a strategy to achieve a high MIPS score.