MyMipsScore™ Features

Complete, Dynamic, Visual, and Predictive MIPS Score Analytics

Multi-Device Access

Available on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices.



MIPS In 10 Steps

Step-by-step wizard guides you through all the performance categories, covering all the details in each category that impact your MIPS score without overwhelming you with complicated logic and calculations. Watch Video

MM# CPS Simulator™ 

Determine the Goldilocks performance zone for providers in your practice to achieve the target MIPS score. Leverage this powerful functionality to determine the best course of action for you.

Provider Level Analysis  

Get statistical insights into the score breakdown for each provider in the practice to help you figure out the reporting configuration – group or individual and best measures to report. 

All Mips Categories

To analyze Composite Performance Score (CPS), you need to see the full picture that includes scores from all performance categories, i.e., IA, ACI, Quality, and Cost. With MyMipsScore™, you will always have it.

MM# Quality Maximizer™

Compare quality category scores across multiple submission methods to unveil the best combination of measures and submission method for your practice that fetches the highest MIPS score. 

MIPS Summary Report

Export a MIPS summary report on-demand for analysis and strategy discussions as frequently as you need to. Download Sample Report

ALL Quality Measures

Compare scores for all the measures to find the best measures for your practice. It is especially important for multi-specialty groups as the best measures will most likely not be the same for all the providers.

Easy Data Import

In just a few clicks, import data for hundreds of providers and practices into MM# in QRDA III (required to be supported by all 2014 and 2015 certified EHRs) or .CSV format.

Submission to CMS

No more waiting till the end of reporting period to get feedback on your numbers. Submit your scores to CMS from within the app and get real-time score validation as frequently as desired - monthly, weekly, or even daily.


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